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Why create a MNS?

Research on brain function in health and disease is among the priorities for today's societies, and several indicators put the mediterranean research area among strategic issues for the European Union (EU). Many South-North collaborations and networks have emerged in recent years through bilateral and multi-lateral actions, supported by the EU or by international and national actions, whether for setting up teaching curricula (Tempus programs), or by building human potential (FP7 programs).

The MNS is created to support and help strengthen all initiatives that bring together mediterranean neuroscientists. The last Mediterranean Conference of Neuroscience was organized in December 2009, in Alexandria (Egypt), after two previous successful editions (Montpellier 1997; Marrakech 2006). These conferences gathered scientists from all mediterranean countries and offered a rich program with lectures, symposia poster sessions and social events. These meetings have proved to be highly beneficial, not only for the scientific exchanges, but also in terms of training opportunities for students and young researchers.

Objectives of the MNS

The MNS works towards three main objectives:

  • Strengthen exchanges between mediterranean neuroscientists

  • Promote education in the neurosciences and increase public awareness of progress made

  • Sustain the Mediterranean Neuroscience Conference

To reach these objectives, the MNS's policy is to work in close cooperation with existing national and international Neuroscience Societies.



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Next Meeting

MNS Meeting 2015
June 12-15, 2015
Pula, Sardinia, Italy

About Us

Mediterranean Neuroscience Society Meeting 2015 is a part of the effort of MNS to bring its contribution to the development of neuroscience in the Mediterranean region and in the rest of the world.

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